09 May, 2012

Project What's After SPM - Part 1/2

This project was initiated somewhere in 2009, was supposed to launch in 2010, but due to various issues ( I heard ) this project was delayed until July 2011. As I read my own story after buying 3 copies from MPH ( contributors were given a free copy, but I'm bought to support this project ), it doesn't reflect my situation anymore.

You can read the original write-up that I sent for this project below ;

14 March, 2012

World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship 2012

Most of you will know I am a big fan of BJJ, I love the art, but too bad, my back injury doesn't permit me to continue pursue the art. Anyway, last weekend was the first ever World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship that was held in Malaysia. Its basically the qualifiers for ADCC - the most prestigious BJJ competition in the world.

I was proud to be part of WPJJC, not as a competitor although I love to, but as a photographer.

24 November, 2011

Higher Education means Higher Career Prospect or Higher Debt ? Just Want to Rant!

As I'm writing my chapter 4 and 5 of my thesis, I have a strong sense of regret that I actually decided to pursue a Bachelors Degree after I completed my Diploma back in 2008.

It has been 3 years I'm at UCSI University, when I enrolled back in September 2008, they were still known as University College Sedaya International. But not long later, the Ministry of Higher Education recognized them as University status. But truth to be told, I don't feel any difference at all weather it's UCSI or UCSI University considering that nothing changed. They were the same old academic staff (our lecturers), with half-ass-ed facilities available. Library is half ass-ed, not to forget the online database for journals itself, is not even worth wasting my time login in. Thank god for a friend who's studying at University Malaya, I get all the awesome journals from their database. Oh wait, I actually forgot there is a difference when I receive my bills, they were more expensive!

Alright, enough about UCSI University already. This whole blog post is about my personal opinion on myself getting a Bachelors Degree.

From what I've calculated, I've spent RM36,000 at UCSI University since September 2008 until today, and these are for tuition fees, facilities and extra curricular activities fees - which are unnecessary extra charges just to suck up our pockets dry and bloat up the share holder's pocket. And additional RM7,000 back in TAR College for a 2 years Diploma course. That's about RM43,000 in total, these not including my petrol money to travel, crappy BUT expensive food in the campus (yeah, if you get my sarcasm), papers and cartridges to print my assignments, caffeinated drinks that I needed to survive the sleepless nights to do our look and sound like very important but useless assignments. Let's just say I spent RM1500 per month for all those necessasity stuffs, that makes up RM18,000 a year. RM18,000 x 5 years = RM90,000.

Holy crap! I've wasted RM133,000 in total to pursue a piece of paper that says "BA (Hons) Psychology", and hopefully that piece of paper could land me an interview, secure a 9am-5pm (but usually that means 8am-8pm or even later) as a fresh graduate with a pay of RM2,500, RM2,800 if I'm lucky. ALL IN THE NAME OF JOB SECURITY !!??

06 June, 2011

 It's funny how things started in 2005, that's 6 years ago. 
And a new chapter began on the morning of 6th of May 2011.

23 September, 2009

It Has Been A Year ...

since I'm studying at UCSI University ... I've been forcing myself to sleep on the bed that i've made. I would actually prefer studying about Health & Fitness and Sports Science. But, whatever now ...

Every end of a semester, getting to strike off the subjects with red highlighter makes my heart rate goes very high, excited to get all strike off and then graduate with my BA(Hons)Psychology.

Hueahuhea ... 1 year to go baby ... 1 year !!

11 September, 2009

It's decided ...

Based on my instinct, I have to quit BJJ for the sake of not exaggerating the condition of my herniated disc.

Passion and interest aside, what is essential comes first, which is my physical health in this context :)